I entered a Toon Boom sponsored animation contest for Valentine's Day, It would be awesome if anyone out there would check it out and vote.

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My entry

Thanks. =]

Toon Boom Animation Contest

New Project...

2012-02-03 11:01:23 by BlackmarketKraig

Answers to your questions, without including the questions:

1) When it's done.

2) The title and premise are known only to me.

3) Apparently, in order to keep my sanity, I need to keep making these.

New Project...


2012-02-01 20:04:44 by BlackmarketKraig

I just hit 10k in the BBS. Lol


Shipwrecked - Up Now

2012-01-30 22:50:50 by BlackmarketKraig

Shipwrecked, in the portal now. Please watch & vote.

Thanks. =]

Edit 1: Front page, thanks Newgrounds!
Edit 2: Daily Feature! =]


2012-01-27 22:26:20 by BlackmarketKraig

should not overwhelm, bury or delegitimize your content.

Think about it, won't you?

-title of film-

2011-11-16 10:28:45 by BlackmarketKraig

I submitted something... the audio cracks... =[


May Art Show

2009-04-23 03:41:02 by BlackmarketKraig


I'm having my first art show next month at a local winery, so, once again, everything else is on hold. =P

If you are in the Geneva NY area feel free to visit Billsboro Winery and laugh at my incompetence during the month of May. I MAY or MAY NOT have a reception. If I do it will fail utterly. Updates as developments... umm... develop. =]

Below is a teeny, tiny version of a piece I just made for the show. For more check the latest posts in the BmK Art Bank in the Art Forum.

Edit 1: I was sold on doing the reception thing.... =\

May Art Show