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May Art Show

Posted by BlackmarketKraig - April 23rd, 2009


I'm having my first art show next month at a local winery, so, once again, everything else is on hold. =P

If you are in the Geneva NY area feel free to visit Billsboro Winery and laugh at my incompetence during the month of May. I MAY or MAY NOT have a reception. If I do it will fail utterly. Updates as developments... umm... develop. =]

Below is a teeny, tiny version of a piece I just made for the show. For more check the latest posts in the BmK Art Bank in the Art Forum.

Edit 1: I was sold on doing the reception thing.... =\

May Art Show

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that is awesome! I don't think anyone is near geneva. Dear god it's in the middle of the state, don't you know? If it's north of the Bronx it's canada! (I'm from the adirondack park lolol)

Lol. Yeah, I doubt anyone is from around, but free advertising never hurts, right? =]

Stop being such an emo bitch Kraig your show will kick so much ass every woman who steps foot into that winery will immediately get pregnant.

Does that include you, you big woman!?!?!? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


I got knocked up just by clicking on his thread... if I went to the actual show, I'd have triplets!!!

Good luck, Kraig! I know it's gonna be AWESOME!!!! :D

Thanks. <3

Very good painting.

Good luck selling, man.

You LOST your mod powers?!how?

No, BMK, why were you demodded?! WHYYYYYY?!

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tim5nU3DwIE">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tim5nU 3DwIE</a>

oh man, you kept the art forum clean for years, what happened?

ah, you're an art portal mod now. Can't wait for that thing to open

Oop, he's yellow again.
I smell a turn of events.

&quot;Edit 1: I was sold on doing the reception thing.... =\ &quot;

Was is some loaded old fat chick who bought you? Are you a made man now?

You had your own art show? awesome! How'd it go? Was it just a showcase or did you sell things?

what ever that picture is its pretty stupid and pointless.

That's really good. Really clear picture too, and your signature
is pretty :3

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Good luck on the show. Dislike this drawing though :x
Not that it's bad or anything, I simply like some of your others more.

Aha! So you're ACTUALLY doing an expo!
So, the legend begins anew!